Tax Rebate If You've Paid Emergency Tax - Get your Tax Refund

You may be on an Emergency Tax code if your new employer does not know what tax code to put you on. Therefore you may be paying more tax than is necessary.

You can find out if you're on an Emergency Tax code if on your pay slip your tax code has a suffix or prefix of BR, X, WK1 or MTH1.

Emergency Tax will be at the full basic rate of 22% which will be deducted from your pay.

If you have paid Emergency Tax at any point in the last 4 years then you are entitled to an emergency tax refund. It may be that you have not benefited from your yearly tax free allowance. Using our service will also get you put on the right tax code so you are paying the right amount of tax.

We offer a No Win, No Fee service to help you get your tax refund.

Download these forms, complete them and return them to the address provided to request a review.

You can also request forms by post here.

If you have your P60s then please use the tax rebate calculator on the left to see how much you may be owed.