Tax Rebate If You've Been Made Unemployed

You may qualify for a tax rebate from HM Revenue & Customs (formerly the Inland Revenue) if you have been fired or made redundant during the tax year.

This is because they calculate your tax based on the fact that you will work the full tax year. Because of this, you may have paid too much tax on your wages while you were working.

It doesn't matter if you were made redundant or were fired, you are still entitled to claim back ony overpaid tax.

It will usually take between 6 to 12 weeks to receive your tax rebate, depending on your individual tax office and the time of year.

To see if you may be due a tax refund, get your P45 that you will have received from your former employer and enter your gross pay (before tax) up to the date you were made unemployed and the amount of tax you have paid into the income tax rebate calculator on the right. Select the correct tax year and submit.

Download these forms, complete them and return them to the address provided to request a review.

You can also request forms by post here.